5 Signs Your Car Dealership Is A Victim Of Bad SEO

Most readers of this blog know that we’re car guys just like you. We work with cars everyday, we own automotive businesses that support our families just like many of you. These days, working in the auto industry means working online much of the time. In an age where most car purchases begin online we must have a strong presence all over the web to attract new customers and make your inventory available most anywhere the customer is looking.

Because of that we have to work with third party vendors to help maintain our website, keep our social media up to date, manage our reputation and of course rank our websites. That brings us to the point of this article, if you’ve hired an SEO agency but aren’t seeing the results you were promised or expected you might be the victim of bad SEO. We asked Zack Gaddy of BigLeagueSearch.net: Highlands Ranch SEO Agency, they specialize in providing SEO for car dealerships around the country for a few signs that you’ve had bad SEO done on your site. Here is what he had to say:

  1. “The first thing we look at when we diagnose a website is the existing backlinks to your business” We start by looking at a website called Majestic.com, it’s actually free to use for your own website so if you’re suspicious you can signup for an account and view your own website’s metrics. What we look for is the quality of the links pointing to your site. Right now what we’re seeing a lot of is dozens of low quality links from websites that end in .xyz, these sites often have no Trust Flow (TF) or Citation Flow (CF) and when you look at the websites themselves it’s quickly apparent that these are part of a link network that simply sells links to whomever wants to buy them. You’re often lumped in with low quality site which associates you with those poor quality websites. For us Majestic is basically a rabbit hole, from there we dive into understanding what’s going on with your website as the search engines see it.
  2. “A lot of SEO companies don’t do on-page correctly or even do things that harm your website”. On site issues can range from poor optimization to things done intentionally to harm your site. You’re page titles should be designed to target your most important keywords and not be stuffed with things you want to rank for. You basically have 65 characters to tell people and search engines what you’re website is about, don’t waste a single character. ¬†One sign of somebody inexperienced with web development is having your whole or part of your site set to no-index. That is basically telling Google that you don’t want your site to show up in the search engine rankings. That might seem basic but it’s happened numerous times that a client has come to us saying their site isn’t ranking and we find they have set their entire website to no-index.
  3. “Not all on page content is created equal”, some SEO companies will offer to provide content for your website; if they do that make sure you ask them where they are going to source that content from. Good content for your website is so important, some companies will use “spinning” software to write an existing article automatically by swapping out words in the article that mean the same thing but don’t read correctly to a human. Google has gotten good at recognizing this poor quality content and will penalize your site for using it. Sure it’s a cheap way to get content but it can really hurt you in the end.