Top 5 Mercury Cougars Available Today

Today we are presenting the top five Mercury cars which can be found on the market today. All of these models are found in the late 1960’s to early 1970’s and are all a variation of the Mercury Cougar model that can be visible seen and admired up to today.

There are several reasons why mercury cougar cars are the top mercury cars available. We asked Bryan Case of Classic Kia why people still love the Mercury Cougar after all these years, “First of all, they harken back to the muscle car era of the late sixties and seventies where muscle cars were the latest craze in car trends. With the iconic electric razor type grill and the V8 Engine, it is no wonder that the Mercury cougar makes many auto enthusiast list of the best muscle cars ever made”.

1. 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 ($39,990)

This Cougar XR7 is the most expensive of the mercury cars on the market. It has an automatic transmission and a gray interior. Also if you buy a version of this with a 428 Cobra jet engine, you then own one of 127 ever made. One of the most desired muscle cars in the world.

2. 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7 ($37,995)

With this car comes a 351 Windsor engine C6 transmission. Has a two-tone leather interior and has great factory air conditioning. So it works very well in the summer. Has a great paint job as well.

3. 1967 Mercury Cougar GT ($35,990)

This is an American classic which combines the greatness of power steering with a flash interior. Has a V8 Engine and for those who hate auto gears, this car comes with the manual gear lever. So you can have a fun time driving at full speed with this great classic.

The most interesting aspect of this car was that it has its own sports pedigree – it was raced in the 1967 trans-am season where it placed second overall and won four races.

4. 1968 Mercury Cougar ($28,495)

This is a car that does not fail to disappoint. It has a C4 transmission engine and runs on gasoline. The wheels are chrome wheels, which give this car a classic feeling. Front and rear suspension and great power steering. Also, features a hard top roof.

5. 1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 ($25,000)

This car is the last in a line of mustang muscle cars by Mercury. In fact, this car marked the end of the muscle car era from the 1960’s as Mercury moved onto the middle-class family car market in the 1970’s. Only 1929 convertibles were made and featured in 1972. Main features are an aggressive grill and semi-fastback styling.