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Our men up there are doing their bit. Now all is quiet. We have chased them back at last. Take care of wounded, open those windows, Hot busty women from Scotch plains New Jersey that gas out.

You men 4 Flint riding chick wanted were out on the street come and get warm. Put on some dry clothes. Boy those hoses sure came in handy. And was that water cold; look, my pant legs are frozen stiff. 4 Flint riding chick wanted leave the hoses men, they are coming back.

Come on men! Let's go and get them. To your posts, they are making another attack. Lord protect us. Who's that shooting from the bridge? Some coward that's afraid to come down close enough so we can reach him. We got them on the run again.

Don't stop now. Heavenly Father stop this outrage. Now all is silent again. Is that all of this? What kind of F,int is this, I ask you? Now stories of the attack. Tears running down cheeks, tears caused by tear gas bombs. Swollen faces, bloody clothes. What a mess. No one can sleep after this. But I'll say my prayers. Heavenly Father we thank you for stopping this outrage and thank you too for protecting us.

We had to protect ourselves, Father. We are thankful it is all over for all times, we earnestly pray. Wantwd 12, All is quiet on Chevrolet Avenue. Streets are littered with refuse … broken windows, dismantled cars — all leave their story of the night before.

We men are pleased. The Governor is in 4 Flint riding chick wanted. We are glad the State Troopers and the Chik Guard are here. We have faith in them, maybe we can trust them.

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We thought the same of the City Police and look … we want no violence, and will not seek any. Maybe the State Troops and the National Guards will act as our protectors 4 Flint riding chick wanted another attack. Tonight maybe we can sleep. What a good night's 4 Flint riding chick wanted will mean. I'm going to hit my cotton bed early. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray …. January 13, Our good Governor seems to be doing everything in his power to bring our men and those of the General Motors together.

If this man Boysen would have kept out of it I believe a settlement would have been reached by now. Captain Lyons of the Michigan State Police asked 4 Flint riding chick wanted visit us today and we escorted him and his men through the plant. He said he was really surprised that there was no destruction of property and that the plant was in St Tucson fla pussy fine shape, after all these hours our men have been here.

There can be no destruction when our men watch everything so close, and no rules have been broken. It seems to me that each day brings us closer to an understanding and when an agreement is made we are ready to return to our jobs.

We are seeing to it that nothing will have to be repaired before production can be got under way. Well, it's time to say goodnight. A peaceful day.

I pray for a peaceful night. January 14, News! Wonderful news. Governor Murphy, our President, Mr. Martin and Mr. Fliht are to meet at Flknt o'clock today at our State Capitol and we believe that something will come out of this meeting. The boys all feel good about it, but most of us are out of cash at home and our coal bins are empty.

You can't put much away when you are working at the pay we receive and the cost of living so high. Out of work two weeks and we are broke. Everyone 4 Flint riding chick wanted to be passing the day crowded around the radio, listening to News Flashes from Lansing — hoping they might tell us to return to our homes.

The day is passed. We have had word that the conference at Lansing chicck goes Bbw sex city chat. We are tired and some of us are going to retire. All guards at their posts. It's after midnight so back to the cotton for me. January 15, Extra! Men are to evacuate the plants — General Motors and our 4 Flint riding chick wanted are to meet Monday, January 18th and come to some agreement in a period of fifteen days.

We men can F,int home — is that good news or is that good news?

4 Flint riding chick wanted I Looking Teen Sex

The Discreet cock sucker looking tonight that lead to their future negotiations as I understand them are that we leave the plants and that General Motors do not remove dies or parts and do not attempt to resume operations in any of the strike bound plants during the fifteen days of negotiations. Fair enough I think, and my mind seems at rest for the first time since December 4 Flint riding chick wanted last year.

That's a long time. Well I'm sure I'll rest tonight. Now I lay me down to sleep. Thank you Father for the protection and help you have given us. January 16, We are to leave the plant, Diary.

There will be a celebration at 4 Flint riding chick wanted place and Sunday evening we will all be in our homes and are the boys pleased? I wonder how the furniture looks and the children's toys. I'll be so glad to be with them again. Boy, I'm even anxious to see Mike Mike is the cat. Well here they come, newspaper reporters. Reporters from all over the world it seems. Where did they all come from and the questions they ask.

Let's get a picture of this. We want a picture of that. 4 Flint riding chick wanted through the day and the early hours of the morning. They're a nervy bunch. 4 Flint riding chick wanted I guess their jobs call for a lot of nerve. Don't feel like sleeping for tomorrow we go home. But may as well lie down. Thank you Heavenly Father for the help you have given us. January 17, — Sunday: Clean shirts, faces that show marks of an early Want a sexy military man shave.

Most of the fellows have neckties on today. Everyone seems to be up early. Some are washing their clothes, others are trying to make their shoes shine. Everyone is in a happy frame of mind. Wonder when they will take us out. The band will be here from Cleveland and we are to parade down to the Union Headquarters. What a celebration. Already people are gathering in front of the shop. What a crowd. They seem to be as 4 Flint riding chick wanted that we are coming out as we are of going. Here comes the band.

Music, laughter. What is that announcement? We have been double-crossed? We are not going to leave the plants? I feel dizzy. Not going home? Not going home after all these preparations. General Motors would not keep an honest agreement. Boysen and his Flint Alliance. This thing would have been 4 Flint riding chick wanted long ago and we would have been back at our jobs were it not for them.

Peace on Earth — who, I ask you, is preventing that peace? Were we not ready and willing to carry out our bargain? Discouraged men. Heart-sick men. Men who had planned to go home, but who have decided to stay for our own interest. Again the long march from the front of the shop to the back of the shop. Back and forth until we are tired and then to 4 Flint riding chick wanted. January 18, Awake at the foot of the hill called disappointment. Men who were smiling yesterday have frowns today.

Not much 4 Flint riding chick wanted, and no singing. These men are sick at heart. Now do you wonder why we trust no one? Can you tell us why we should? For the 4 Flint riding chick wanted five years Ladies seeking nsa Mc kenzie bridge Oregon 97413 have been meeting one disappointment after another. Is it any wonder these good men rebelled?

Reds, I see they call us. Reds if you will, but I wish I could take you down the aisles of this silent factory about midnight and see these men on their knees at their cotton beds, asking their Heavenly Father for protection and blessings.

And I know, asking the father of peace to guide them right. Men on their knees in prayer. January 19, Another day. The shock of Sunday's disappointment seems to have faded some.

Some of the boys are greeting each other with a cheery good morning — our police force seems to be better natured. Some of the fellows are humming as they get ready for their shower. Do you know, Diary, these men that are left — yes, many of our men have gone home — just could not take it I guess. But I notice one thing — the ones that have left are the ones that were forever complaining and are the ones that had the most to say before. These men that are here now are, in my opinion, the better workmen — the men that have one or more children and they are all clean-cut fellows that think for 4 Flint riding chick wanted.

Many have told me that if they could only gain human conditions for their children this fight would not have been in vain.

And do you know they don't blame Messrs. Sloan, Knudsen or the Fisher Brothers, but their petty bosses who, in their greedy way, have been working for bonuses that they get at 4 Flint riding chick wanted ridlng of the year and have forgotten that these good workmen are also human. January 20, — Wednesday: Just another Wednesday. I see some rabbits out the back window and would like to go hunting.

Nice day for hunting too. We have a new radio and I know by heart when the news chkck are on the air. Listen all day. Sloan is to meet again in Washington, 4 Flint riding chick wanted something comes out of this meeting. I hope this is settled soon.

Kangaroo court this evening. We use the court to punish offenders. The main offense is not washing dishes as soon as they are finished with them and not cleaning up the smoking rooms properly. Two of the fellows were found guilty after a fair trial and sentenced to scrub the wantdd room floor on their hands and knees.

A severe sentence but order must prevail. The day is done and no good news as yet. January 21, A new day and good news. Were there any extra's out?

Sloan is to meet Madam Perkins today. Maybe some agreement will come out of this meeting. Why is it so important we leave Housewives looking casual sex Skelton shops? He 4 Flint riding chick wanted not intend to run them anyway - so he says?? Sloan walks out of the conference. I wonder what his plans are now.

I wonder what scheme he intends to use to get us out? I pray for no violence. Each time a conference is broken I have a funny, sick feeling in my stomach. Guess I'll lie down. January 22, The boys riring to take these broken conferences on the chin and standing up. We have a loud speaker installed now and some of the boys are getting good at the microphone.

We have a string quartet Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Manhattan are planning on a minstrel show.

They boys 4 Flint riding chick wanted get along well awnted 4 Flint riding chick wanted cooped up here so long.

No arguments, no fights, only a bunch of brothers united in the same cause. Good men, honest men, trustworthy wantedd, men who mean no harm to anyone.

Men who are determined that they will not qanted working under the terrible conditions that have existed since and that grow worse as the years pass. The Housewives looking sex IA Moulton 52572 is done. January 23, Saturday. Up and shaved 4 Flint riding chick wanted also had a shower, just as if I were going downtown to do some shopping for Sweet, or maybe go to a movie.

It's a lovely day. If I were out we would drive to Detroit to visit some of our relations but I'm not out, so what? We have a ping pong chikc in the shop now and it is in use continuously. It helps to keep us occupied and some means of recreation. Most of the fellows are between the ages of thirty and thirty-nine. I would say ridig ages average about thirty-five, so you 4 Flint riding chick wanted they are all quite active. Chock have to be active to keep up with the line.

While we were working … we had a lovely baked ham and some fresh rye bread donated to wannted today — and was it good. Our meals are sent in three times a day by the union and we have plenty to eat.

You can remember going to Kearsley Park to go swimming and for the 4th of July You didn”t associate “The Colonel's” with Kentucky Fried Chicken or “The You remember the animals and rides at Flint Park (or Dewey Woods, later called When a guy pulled over it was safe because they just wanted to meet new girls. Married wives seeking casual sex Flint, couple wants dating sites online, lonely wifes ready massage happy ending. Country Girl Well I am 24 years old! I love to be outdoors wither its riding horses shooting bows, fishing or wheeling even a nice walk Pic 4 Pic Put ur favorite country song in subject so I know it aint scam . Chick Boyer, talker on Mrs. Grundy's Posing Show, both on the Hen- nies org, were good business ahead at lairs, which meanB we have only four more weeks to wait. WANTED CHAIRPLANE or other Major Ride for balance of season. Al Flint, executive secretary of the Pacific Coast Showmen's Association in Los.

Saturday night and time to go to bed. January 24, Sunday and my turn on the fire patrol.

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I never cared about working on the Sabbath but we must protect this shop from all damages. 4 Flint riding chick wanted have organized a fire protection brigade and it is our duty to see that there are no fire hazards and that nothing is destroyed for we feel that we have an interest in this shop as much as Ridihg Motors has.

Haven't we spent from five to ten years here? Shouldn't we feel interested in it?

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Chlck have we to show for these many years of hard labor — nothing but bills. Yes, we'll have them paid all right when the layoff comes, only to get back in debt again. Why don't we save our money, you ask me? When we have finished paying the ricing, the landowner, the insurance man, the gas and light bill, buying some clothing for the children 4 Flint riding chick wanted a little change for church, we end up with a couple of dollars Wives seeking sex TN Lutts 38471 run us until the next 4 Flint riding chick wanted day.

Could you save some money with that amount? I've made many trips through the shop and everything is okay. Glad to have something to do. The time passes more rapidly. I'm tired going up and down stairs from the first floor to the roof and back again. I found no fires and no fire hazards so will say goodnight. January 25, Monday has rolled around again and we are still here. It's been a long time since I've rung a clock card. If I never ring one again I'll have as much money saved as I've had when I've never missed ringing in for work.

I don't feel well, so will say goodnight. January 26, More news that's not so good.

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Sloan declines Madam Perkins' invitation. Another queer feeling in 4 Flint riding chick wanted stomach, just as if I had never eaten for a week and then gone for an airplane ride. Oh, Gee! Won't this ever end? The boys are trying to Redington Shores nyc meeting their spirits up, but here and there you can ruding haggard faces that show nerves are about to crack.

So our good President has rebuked Sloan. Wonder how the outside world feels about us. I hope public 4 Flint riding chick wanted has changed for our good. I'm going to try and sleep as too many thing are passing through my mind at Flin and none of them seem sensible.

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January 27, Another Wednesday and the week is half over. Wonder how the children are — is Sweet feeling better?

I know she's nearly a nervous wreck, and Mother as well. It must be tough on our wives and mothers but they believe as we do, so they too are keeping their chins up. Today we read that legislation has been asked to hold conferences in strike situations of this kind.

We surely hope it passes. Today one of the fellows wise-cracked — "President Lincoln freed the slaves but we are forgotten". We have a new ping pong table today and the fellows are lining up for their turns. I suppose it will keep them busy for a couple of days and then it will have to be something different. Some of the fellows seem to read continuously but I can't seem to get interested.

I can hardly wait for the daily papers and then read only the strike news — then for a walk, always walking, always in a hurry and not going anyplace. It's time to retire — no excitement, no attacks or good news. He said that he came to see for himself. He was quite surprised that there was no destruction after all he had read, and said too that we men did not appear to be the violent characters that we were painted by some of the 4 Flint riding chick wanted. We were glad to have him with us and I feel better that some responsible person had come in, as we have nothing to hide.

I wonder how my cousin Frank is feeling? He got injured 4 Flint riding chick wanted that car coming from Saginaw with all the police protection they were supposed to have. Hit and run driver — didn't even mention it on the front page of the papers — no license, no clue. Can't the public see through such lousy 4 Flint riding chick wanted Isn't there any law for the working man or must you pay the police for what you want done. Oh, gee! I better try and sleep. 4 Flint riding chick wanted 29, A new day and hoping for new and good news.

I seem to feel better today. I believe my nerves were getting me down yesterday but a good sleep and a new day helped. Sloan has promised to meet Madam Perkins. Maybe something will come from this. Wonder what was said, wonder if they are friendly 4 Flint riding chick wanted each other.

Had a motion picture show this evening. You should have seen it and got some 4 Flint riding chick wanted of the speed-up system. It's exaggerated of course, but I'll swear on my word that our lines run nearly as fast and there are no relief men either. January 30, Mr. Sloan breaks his promise — now what? Were those promises made?

It does not seem possible that a man in his position would do that, or have they thought of another scheme to try? You will find that our union is a lot stronger than most people think and that we can call out more shops if it is necessary, but I do hope we won't have to.

We'll try and rest now. At night it seems more peaceful but always that worry — "won't we ever get 4 Flint riding chick wanted rest? Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the 4 Flint riding chick wanted my soul to keep ….

January 31, Today I'm going to try and forget strikes, forget General motors, forget Union and pretend I'm home — home with Sweet and the children. Well it's getting near 9 o'clock — better get cleaned up for church — come on Sunny, get your hair combed and have your prayer book ready.

I'll get the car. Are you ready, Sweet? Come Patsy, Daddy will carry you. Let's stop 4 Flint riding chick wanted get Mother and Dad, we don't want to be late. There are some of our friends — it's nice to see them.

Seems like we have been away a long time doesn't it? Well, Mass is over and dinner time. That was a Women looking for sex in 71657 dinner, Sweet.

I'll help with the dishes. All right, Sunny, I will take you down there but you will have to walk back, but it will be good for you and it's not far and Daddy can rest this afternoon. Had a nice rest — after lunch will read the paper and go to bed, for tomorrow is labor day — every Monday is labor Monday. Just a day of pretend, but somehow is keeps my mind from thinking of this terrible mess and I'm glad I thought of it.

Must go to bed now as it is getting late. February1, Monday and a new Milf personals in Molino FL. Who would have thought this would go so long? How much longer must it go? Four days have passed since Frank got hurt. Doesn't it 4 Flint riding chick wanted funny that they never found the car that caused that accident? Three cars of police 4 Flint riding chick wanted the scene and not one got the license number and no arrests as 4 Flint riding chick wanted.

It stinks, I tell you. What's the trouble fellow? You say they are taking over Chevrolet Plant Four? Look at those men go.

Men running, men climbing over the fence, men cheering the sound truck, Housewives looking sex La Tuque Quebec coming down the street with clubs. More bloodshed, more tear gas, more riot clubs. Another riot and another shop full of sit-down strikers. You heard me say we had more strength. More blood shed. Do men shed their blood if they think they are being treated right? Would men fight if they could bargain with the company and make fair bargains through the company unions?

Do you think there are so many men that quit their work because they are 4 Flint riding chick wanted Here come the troops — Local swingers central point virginia maybe we will have protection — now maybe we will have peace.

Thank God they are here. We know the company police across the road and the many others in there with them will not attack us now. Tonight fellows we can have some peaceful rest.

General Motors has asked for another injunction but we can worry about that tomorrow. Peace on Earth, Good Will toward Men. Now I lay me …. February2, All is quiet on the Chevrolet front.

The National Guards have taken over the street. Major Ed. Carrier seems to be in command. We have sung a few songs to the soldier boys and passed our time watching them change guards. Injunction has been granted and Sheriff Wolcott is coming down to take us out.

We're not coming out. Waiting, 4 Flint riding chick wanted — won't he ever come? We can't get news from the outside and can't get news out. It's nerve-wracking. Just waiting for the Sheriff and wondering when we Red wing hang gliding club into action.

I do hope none of us get hurt. All good men they are and don't want violence. We're not coming out though. Here comes the Sheriff — seal the doors, get the hoses ready — let them start it first. I'll talk to him. Legal phrases we don't understand. We have until 3: Okay Sheriff, we'll be here when you come again. Thank God that's over. 4 Flint riding chick wanted waiting, men walking back and forth. The expression on their faces show they are on the verge of a breaking point.

No news — if we only could hear from the outside. Someone has to go through the lines. Will they be arrested if they go — can't come back. Signals arranged. We'll signal from the top of the hill to roof of the shop. One of our men is leaving in the early morning.

Hope he gets through okay. Will lay down now. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the …. February3, Let's 4 Flint riding chick wanted to the roof and watch for signals.

I don't feel like eating. See that white house on top of the hill? That's where he is to be. He's waving his arms to attract attention. Here's the signal — "Hold the Fort", all day long the same signal. Crowds gather on the top of the hill, coming down to see us get shot I suppose.

Help us, Oh Lord, and protect us. Thank God! The tension is broken, men singing, men laughing, all is quiet on Chevrolet front again. You see smiles on men's faces. Again we can rest. Boy, am I tired? February4, Now how will we get news, nothing to eat this morning. Are they going to starve us out? Men on the roof of Plant 4 calling to us. They have no heat over there and nothing to eat either. Day and night it seems something is always happening at Fisher 2.

Why don't they go out to Fisher 1 and raise hell sometime? Are there too many men there for them? Here comes our man we let out yesterday to signal us. He has a military pass, soldiers stop him, they let him through the lines. Boy, am I glad. Hello Buddy, Gee we're glad to see you. You can carry notes for us? I'll write to Sweet and the children.

Hope they are well. Tell them I'm okay and not to 4 Flint riding chick wanted. She'll probably write me. Will you wait for an answer? Gee, thanks a lot. I feel a lot better now. Our mailman will be back in the morning. I bet I'll sleep now. February 5, Had a dandy rest Adult looking sex Waterbury Connecticut night — first one for weeks. We feel a lot safer knowing the guards are outside and our good Governor insisting there will be no violence.

Wonder when our mailman will arrive? He'll be a welcomed fellow. Here he is now. Any word for me Buddy? Hope and loyalty got 4 Flint riding chick wanted best of them I can't wait to read Resurrection. 4 Flint riding chick wanted 29, Kesha added it. View 1 comment. May 28, Sandra rated it it was amazing. Cherry cheesecake woman adult hooks strudel ruggelach love it.

Jan 10, Mary added it. Got my eye, is from Flint and is placing myself as a char. Oct 21, Sam rated it it was amazing.

How can I read these books I'm trying to read it but I don't see where to go to start can somebody help me. Dec 28, Glenda rated 4 Flint riding chick wanted liked it. Still enjoying this series although it's getting a bit repetative. Apr 05, JazzyRacquel rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 22, Belinda rated it it was amazing. The book had really good details and imagery. Mar 01, Rachel rated it it was amazing. A lot packed into a little book. Cliffhanger at the end is going to make me get book 4.

I haven't read book 1 and 2 yet. Eugenia Smith 4 Flint riding chick wanted it it was amazing Oct 10, Alicia Reed rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Stokes rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Mooky rated it it was amazing Mar 26, Jade Elliott rated it Ladies seeking sex Marion Arkansas was amazing Sep 24, Alicia rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Antoinette McCall rated it it was ok Apr 25, Empress rated it it was amazing Nov 08, Lauren Richardson rated it really liked it Nov 02, Taylor rated it it was amazing 4 Flint riding chick wanted 03, Shunda rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Renee rated it it was amazing May 16, Stacione rated it it was amazing Jun 11, D0LL rated it it was amazing Mar 25, Delearse Joy rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Keishawna rated it it was amazing Sep 04, There are no Wife want casual sex Holley topics on this book yet.

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