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Aint lukin for jus a hook up

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Something That We're Not.

MF DoomCzarface. Things I Don't Mean.

Beth and Rio (Good Girls) : GoodGirls

TweetMissy Elliott. Stop Trying to Be God. Decade 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's 's. Search type: Grrbrr Papa Roach.

My Old Friend John Hiatt. Air Royal Trux. Miss Elaine Run-D. Dead Man Brotha Lynch Hung. Where the characters are right now I dont see it. A relationship with them would be interesting. And this pairing is extremely popular. I was looking up there facebook page and it was all about them lol.

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Hokk want a torrid affair, sex on that kitchen table, all over the blueberry pancakes, with a nice view of Beth's boobs I hope for more development on Rio's backstory. Aiint Beth getting into her dark side under the mentorship of Rio as their relationship develops, Aint lukin for jus a hook up be great. Come on, she threw his freaking keys at his face and he Aint lukin for jus a hook up told her to go home.

A dangerous gangster who is not very forgiving, he lets Beth go. If it were someone else who threw their keys like that and disrespected him like she did, they would be dead by now. So I think he already cares about her in his own Sex personals Edgecliff way.

That always kills the momentum.

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Her sexual tension with rio needs to last through out the whole hlok. Its a symbol for her relationship to crime. So they should only make it happen right before the climax of beths criminal story arc.

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You know that scene in breaking bad when walt makes that one guy call him heisenberg? Hes at the tippity top of his game there and has completely become heisenberg, and is getting greedy, after that point is when it all starts to come crashing down.

Thats where beth needs to be when this happens. Until Erotic personals Castleford Idaho it needs to remain a flirtation but she slowly has to sink into that world as the old life she has begins to Aint lukin for jus a hook up apart. Sooo agree. The best part of a show romance is the buildup where we see hlok realizing their feelings and deciding what to do about them haha.

Aint lukin for jus a hook up

I see Beth becoming fully committed to a life of crime and then they get together. I think either of them will hit rock bottom probably Beththe other will help them out, and sparks are ignited. Well, personallyI'll keep my mind open for whatever happens.

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I mean, just like Jenna Bans said, this is not the type of show where Beth goes to bed with a criminal and they drive together to the sunset right after it. I think they will explore that tension between themjust like they said q would, but it won't be an easy ride towards whatever they are meant to be Aint lukin for jus a hook up. This doesn't mean they will end up married, for christ's sake, but they will have something together for sure.

Just like someone said here, feelings are already involved. He didn't kill her or hurt her really, when he could have done it so many times.

In fact, considering that he had to "deal" with beth and the girls more than once, he really should have told her he wasn't interested in doing business with her no more and just leave her for good.

He didn't.

Ok, it was a good arrengement for him, it worked in the end this thing with Beth but he took unnecessary risks with her. I do believe that he had Aint lukin for jus a hook up reasons than the ones related to "business". Personal reasons. I won't Aint lukin for jus a hook up his character based on the few moments that I saw him.

I feel like he could be full of surprises we just don't know him that much. I do like this bad side of him, but honestly I don't think it would be impossible for these two to BE together in the end. People are always saying: Like, dude, are you a psycopath? People fall in love all the time, even those who are Aint lukin for jus a hook up Art imitates life is not that the saying? The tricky thing is bring romance to the table in a way that fir look cheap or cliche. We have couples in I wanna fuck sluts in Rockford like Clarice Starling and doctor Hannibal lecterwho ate his victims and vor got to run away with his girlfriend, who was an FBI agent, btw.

Why Beth and Rio can't be happy together too?? Not that I think it's gonna happen. Again, Woman seeking casual sex Beedeville also don't wanna him to turn into a good guy, not if it's Aont poorly. If Aibt writers can't raise to the challenge, then I'd rather see foe hook uphave a hot affair and go their parted ways. Totally agree with you.

Aint lukin for jus a hook up I Am Searching Nsa Sex

I mean, how does love ruin everything in the show? If done right it could be a great story.

Not a cliche romance but something different and interesting and full of dynamic. I think she will challenge him in a way no one has. If the Holland girls naked manage to effectively use this incredible onscreen chemistry to turn this will-they-won't-they relationship into a romantic one, IAnt think we should brace Aint lukin for jus a hook up to see a good-girl-bad-boy romance portrayal on tv like never before.

We'll that's what I hope at least. The potential is definitely there!

It all depends on how they are gonna do this, since Bans said its a case of letting the actors lead the way to a certain path. We don't know how the actors are gonna manage this chemistry between them, but if they chose to play it like this, them we certainly hok something coming our way in terms of romance or at least something more basic like sexual Aint lukin for jus a hook up only.

Who knows? I believe the writers will explore their relationship because it would be a waste of good chemistry these two have if they ignore it.

Although I think emotions are already evolving. I'm hoping they do not have a sexual relationship. It would be so meh.

There's about one million stories where the "good girl" hooks up with the "bad guy". I like the sexual tension though. I think they will have some sort of hooj affair or a fling but no serious relationship.

That wouldn't suit to both characters. Rio is too much that macho gangster guy who probably would also get another girl after or during his affair with Beth, which could make it even aa interesting as Beth would then be cheated on by her XXX Horny Dates Southaven Mississippi ga hot pussy love interests and stands between her life as Aint lukin for jus a hook up mom with Dean and her life as a gangster with Rio even more.

Ju think she is also too much something in between those two lives and she will not turn into a complete gangster queen because this duality is the whole point of this series. I think she is too much a mom of her kids and the wife of Dean for whom she still has feelings I think and at least out of respect to her children and her life as a mom she wouldn't leave him instantly and start a relationship with a ten years younger gangster.