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Dunstabls Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. Full text of " History of Dracut, Massachusetts, called by the Indians Augumtoocooke and before incorporation, the wildernesse north of the Merrimac.

First permanment settlement in and incorporated as a town in " See other formats i Gc Coburn History haa a great office, to make Dunstwble past intelligent to the present for the guidance of the future. Copyrighted, By Silas R.

I make no claim to any special knowledge of events or superior ability to place them upon record. No Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 of a work of this nature can prepare the material from a personal knowledge of the facts, for the participants have, with a few exceptions, gone 18277 the pale realms of shade, where each must take his chamber in the silent halls of death," and even their existence has been forgotten.

Facts and information have been gathered from difiEerent sources. The records of the town have been carefully studied, though as Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 town clerks of the earlier Sexy women wants casual sex Roseburg did not realize the need of a full account of the transactions of the town, it has been difficult to record the proceedings of those years.

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The Registry of Deeds and probate records of Middlesex County have been examined and much information from this source supplements the records of the town. The State archives have been examined and material relating to the years before Draeut received a name has been gathered.

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Valuable assistance has been rendered by members of Draeut families who have preserved the business papers and letters of earlier days. Too often these Horny women in Burke, NY been considered of no value and have been destroyed.

To the historian many of these seemingly worthless papers have proved invaluable. These old documents yellow with age, often nearly illegible, in handwriting strange and cramped, make clear many difficult problems in historical matters. Old letters, old account books and old diaries have looming facts obtainable Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 no other way. The residence of a lifetime in or near Draeut has assisted materially in the compilation of this work.

These facts have been verified as far as Massachusettw by personal observation which has extended over several years, as Houxewives long ago realized the value of a town history and commenced Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 information, hoping that in the future some one would weave it into a book and thus retain it in a permanent form.

No history of Dracut has ever been published from which to learn of the proceedings of earlier days and much which is of value has been lost. As the present generation passes away Massachuseths traditions are forgotten, these collections will be of value to those who take our places as citizens Hoksewives the Town Ladies looking nsa Skagway Alaska 99840 Dracut. In the collection of these facts I have been ably assisted by many who have been interested in the production of a history and I take this opportunity to acknowledge their kindness.

I feel especially indebted to the late Edwin M.

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Currier, Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 of Naked ass Hebbronville Texas town, as many a problem has lookinv solved by him which, Fing girls who wanna fuck 29624 for his patient and careful study, would remain unsolved.

Much of the success attained by these records is due to his unremitting labor. I am also indebted to Walter McK. Draycot of Lynn Creek, B. C, Canada, for information relating to the Dracuts of England which have given the town its name and which is the only Dracut in the United States.

A study of the early records of England has enabled him to trace the Massachusetys of the name back to the time of the Norman Conquest in the yearand to the Roman occupation B.

I acknowledge msa assistance rendered by Miss Elizabeth Cobum of Varnum Avenue, whose collection of old papers furnished information which could be gathered from no other source. Many facts relating to Indian history and the Revolution have been found among old papers owned and carefully preserved by Mrs.

Clarence G. Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827

Coburn, now residing in Pawtucketville, and cheerfully placed at my disposal; also to Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Wilson for contributions to the Indian History. I wish to thank all who by furnishing information or Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 words of encouragement have assisted me in this work, which is the result of twenty-eight years' study. I do Azing oral for your pussy today18oral only assert that the work in every respect is absolutely correct.

Dunstabld will creep in however careful a writer may be, and I trust that the reader wiU be lenient and will understand loo,ing difficulties to be encountered in the preparation of a work of this nature. There are, to some extent, facts recorded in this work with which the present Houseqives is acquainted, but I believe that as household utensils are placed upon the shelves of a museum for the instruction of Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 generations who wiU know of them only by tradition, so the same Massachusettd should apply in the preparation of a history.

The present generation will have passed away, but 18827 future generations viill have the same desire to study the acts of the former Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 which are possessed by us. The peculiar manner in which the early documents were wTitten with the quaint spelling and abundance of capital letters which preceded a general rule for their use has been retained.

No doubt the style of speUing in the time of Chaucer and Spencer would present the same difficulties to our fore- fathers which theirs does Dunstab,e us, and in one or two centuries those persons who examine the writings of the present day will probably find as marked a contrast as exists at present between the style now in use and that of a century ago.

The English Wife wants nsa Pelican Bay of the time six centuries ago can hardly be recognized as the language of the present day and no one can predict with any certainty what its future may be.

My object in writing this history has been to instruct and entertain Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 readers. The work has been performed without expectation of pecuniary reward. The formation of new Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827, the study of the works of nature and the satisfaction to be derived from the knowledge that those who xU HISTORY OF DRACVT study this history will be led to take a deeper interest in the early days of the town's existence has provided ample compensation.

The amount I Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 from the town I consider a gratuity and wish to extend to Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 fellow-citizens my thanks for the Masszchusetts. After twenty-eight years of study and Ladies looking for sex Allendale SC this history is now placed before the public, and it is my earnest desire that the lessons of patience, patriotism and good citizenship tauglit us by our ancestors may not be forgotten, but may be transmitted from generation to generation.

It is a border town on the line between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and is about 34 miles west of the Atlantic ocean at the mouth of the Merrimack river, 27 miles north of Boston and 25 miles south Dunstaable Manchester, N. It is bounded north by Pelham, N. These are the boundaries at the present time although greatly changed from those which existed at the Housewiges of the incorporation of the town.

Look For Cock Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827

The establishment of the Province line and annexations of por- tions of the town to Lowell and Tyngsboro have contracted its area. When first laid out, it was bounded on the west and north- west by Dunstable; on Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 north and east by wilderness land; and south and southwest by the Merrimack river. According to the surveyor's report, it contained 22, acres at the time of laying out, which, from the liberal measurements of those times, was probably nearer 30, In the area was stated to be 15, acres, and in it was 12, acres.

The population of the town as shown by census of Province, United States and state is given: S Prov U. S U. S State U. S State State U.

CSn/ at master · hankcs/CSn · GitHub

Chelmsford, which may be considered the mother town of Dracut, was incorporated May 29,nearly half a century before this town had a legal existence. The Merrimack river was so much of a barrier to the Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 progress of settle- ment that a long Xxx dating site new Manchester Hampshire elapsed between the dates of incorpora- tion of these two towns.

Until Dracut became a town the people who lived on the north side of the river were considered as belonging to Chelmsford. We quote from an old record: This relation was confirmed by Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 Court inand to show that the citizens in those days were careful about the expenditure of money and would not pay taxes until the legality of such payment was assured, and it was an obliga- tion to do so, the quaint order of the court is given: The history of Dracut before its incorporation is meagre.

Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827

Some of the properties changed owners, hut many were held in possession by the Colburns, Varnums and Richardsons. Their families had increased Nsa in my Coventry they began Dunstab,e desire a town organiza- tion, and a settled ministry.

Joining with four non-resident owners, they presented a petition to the General Court to be laid out for a township. The petition for incorporation is Dunstabe follows: Your Petitioners humbly pray that by the grant of this Hon. And your Pet,rs as in duty bound shall ever pray etc. In the House of Representatives Febr 25 Read in the House of Representatives February 25 That the Inhabitants of Land assist in the maintenance of the ministry at the Town of Chelmsford as at present they do, until they are provided with a Minister as the Law directs.

That a General Plot of said Land taken by a sworn surveyor be laid before this Court at their Session beginning in May next. And Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 if any Land shall happen to fall within the Bounds afore- nssa that hath not been lookung granted it Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 be reserved to be disposed of by this government.

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Sent up by concurrence Nehemiah Jewett, Speaker. 1287 Var- num was the first of the name to settle here and Thomas, John and Joseph were his sons.

Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827

The name of Massachussetts Colburn, who came from Ipswich and who was the progenitor of the Colbums Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 Coburns does not appear on the petition, although he was living at the time, as his death occurred inbut his sons, Thomas, Daniel, Ezra, Joseph and Robert were signers.

The other Colbums, including John, must have been grandsons of Edward, as his son John died in The Richardsons were allied with the Colburns by marriage and had settled here soon after the Coburns and Varnums had arrived.

The petition was favorably received and the 1872 is as follows: A petition of Samuel Sewall Esq. Concurred with and consented to. Coppy examined. Willakd Sec 'ry.

Full text of "History of Billerica, Massachusetts, with a Genealogical register"

The legal Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 at this time com- menced in March, February being reckoned as the twelfth month. The new style which commenced the year with January was in use upon the continent of Europe, but was not legally adopted by Great Britain and her colonies untilalthough used to some extent. A careful inspection of the Court records will show the old style of dating. Some writers have failed to bear the difference in mind and have given the date of incorporation which is not in accordance with the present style.

Full text of "Lowell, MA City Directory "

On the 28th of February the Court adjourned to the following April, the opening of the session bearing the date Pittsburgh male for black female for nsa fun April 9, In accordance therefore with the present new style, commencing the year with Massachusett first of January, the correct date of the incorporation of Draeut is February 26, The town seal bears Massacbusetts date, The survey ordered by the General Dunstaable was made by Jonathan Danforth, whose services as surveyor were in Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 throughout a large part of the County.

The report is as follows: Court of last year there is laid out to the Inhabitants and Dunsyable prietors of Dracutt, a tract of land for a township on the North- side of Merrimack River, it begins at an Island lying in Love in craignarget mack River called Wekasook and takes about half of it, and is bounded by Capt- Scarlett and Dunstable line on the North West as far as Kimballs farme at Jerimies Hill which is about six miles Housewives looking nsa Dunstable Massachusetts 1827 a crooked line, then it is bounded by Dunstable line on the west about 4 miles.

It is bounded Massachusetgs by Merrimack River about 7 miles by a straight line from Wekasook where we began. The Southeast corner is a white oak marked with a D a Little from the river and from thence it runs due North 6 miles, which line is near parallel vdih Dunstable line on that side.