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Search this site with Google This site lists all the songs that were major hits - If you are trying to find, for example, hits that are connected to a particular word then the index here is the best place to look.

This index links to every place where a name is used anywhere on the site, there are also seperate lists of the yearsartists and song titles that have their own individual pages.

To locate any word first select the link below that represents the initial letter, then select the sub-pages whose range covers the word you want.

Suppose, for example, you want to identify songs, albums and artists connected with "Stripes". Looking under the "S" entry above leads to a page that lists entries with the Looikng "Stripes":. Alternately suppose you are looking for songs by Amy Winehouseas a recent visitor was.

Well lets fub up her surname, selecting "w" in the list above leads to a page that lists the word ranges that start with "w" we pick "Wildw - Wit'c", since "Winehouse" is in that range.

Looking in the list we find an entry:. Winehouse - Album Artist: This tells us that she has fir entries for albums than for songs, she is on the "Top Albums" page, the "Top Albums Artists", the list of hit albums for andthe "Most successful albums of all time" page, the "Biggest selling albums" page and she has her own page listing albums.

From the viewpoint of songs she has not done so well, she only appears on the top songs page for and and is not in the top song artists. If the track you are searching for was not a major hit then this is not the right location to be looking this is a charts site after all. When we are looking for the exact name of an artist, song or album we usually use the search facilities on the following sites:.

Searching for a song when you know the lyrics is really easy. Just select a distinct phrase from the text you have and enter it into Google. You will usually get a large number of lyric sites which often have way too many adverts. These will tell you the name of the artist and track that you can research on the sites listed above.

If your Goshen MA sexy women phrase doesn't work then pick another. Remember also that the right site could be on the second or third page of Google results. If you want to discover which ,ick was number one on a particular date then you should be on this page. The first thing you must do is decide where, the number one song in the US is almost always different from the number one in Europe dor Japan.

Adult want casual sex Hannover NorthDakota 58563 Then you must decide which source to use, in the US for example the Billboard number one is usually different from the CashBox magazine one.

Finally you should accept that there are some locations and periods for which there really isn't Looklng data to pick a number one record for a particular date, for example the UK before or anywhere including the US before Some lyrics I see ya, dancing with your red dresson I've been waiting, anticipating, you and I should be dating. Its this song by Out of the Ark music that I sang in my Primary school likethree years ago and I think its called "Moon It goes like"there's something going on but I can't make it out".

I don't know the song but I remember the video.

It was fairly strange, mostlyblack, white, and grey colours. It had these mad max looking people fighting armed swat team.

Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit I Search Couples

Some parkour in it. Part of it was in a junkyard. One point there was a lady with balloons or something all over her, running from the armed men. Lookinh the end I remember there being a kid with a blow up globe of the world.

Our acapellas list - ACAPELLAS4u - Your #1 Resource for FREE Acapella Downloads

Please someone help. I have a memory of a video with a single female artist singing in knee deepwater. Am look for a rather sad song with a female vocalist, including a linesomething like: Every day I stroll the streets wondering what I will Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit Refrain goes like this: When the home balls ring again, lad, you'll be sailing o'er the sea When the sun shines thro' the rain, lad, you'll be coming back to me.

The chorus goes: Whoa oh UH ohhh danana danana whoa oh UH ohhh danana dananaagain. In the 80's there was a song in the jukebox a raccoon jumped over the pew namemight have been Rickie.

Yesterday I heard the last minute or so of a song that apparently was in kic, top 20 in the s. It was a rock song with a female vocalist who sounded like but wasn't Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane. The last few linws repeated the line "rain on your window pane" a few times.

Any idea wfat it could be?.

There is a blonde chick who has a fox mask on and drives a cab. Trying to find Hawaiian song I heard on a visit to Maui in Key lyrics Lokoing stick with me:. Remember me when I come to that setting sun; Remember Me think of some goodI've done; Remember Me my deeds count one by one.

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The song is "Hot Dog" by Led Zeppelin but was Housewives wants real sex Maalaea a hit single anywhere. Pop song, one hit wonder. Talked Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit people wanting to wear ripped jeans,driving flashy cars, hip hop scene, basically wanting to be a rock star but the mean behind the song was all the flashy clothes and jewelry didn't make a rock star.

Want to be a popular rock star. Cannot remember singer, male white singer, good looking, great rockish pop tune. CM video 50s 60s or 70s with 3 or 4 songs 1. I'm going totake my baby dancing get it on pretty baby get it on. I thinkshe is wearing a white gown.

Any help folks?? Christian song about a woman who lives in a big house with a pool and ismiserable. She wears a mask to hide her hurt. She dresses to the nine and is looking for someone to trust.

I remember the music video: Kindof an electronic song. I think the name of The song could be Downgrade.

Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit I Am Looking Teen Sex

Maybesomeone know the song. Bunch of thanks. A girl singing Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit red dress and red lipstick There was a ocean and afterwards she jumps into the kck. I believe it is lostforever. It was a male singer. The lyrics that we remember are Please captain please let me keep little mack he want take up much room in my pack. He's light as a feather up here on my back. But Topeka ks threesome groups.

Swinging. really are not. Thank for trying. I am looking for a song and the only lyrics I remember is "help me, help me". I can onlyremember these parts of the lyrics it goes "Just like you, do da do do do, just like you. The sun is up; the sun is shining bright.

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It takes away the gloom and dark of Any lady friend lunch dinner movie lady choice. Or another last line. Can someone help me ; theres this Lookong with this chorus ; " its up toyouuu Bernard Cribbins singing "Right Said Fred" in Produced by George Martin who went on to produce The Beatles. Of course the song inspired the name of the s band Right Said Fred.

Hello I search for a song of the 70's it can also be 80's but I don't thinkso I can not even remember any lyrics. I only remember the music video. The video was in black white with Looking for a fun chic 2 kick it wit male singing a cappella. It was a very positive and calm song with the men all siting in a dining room reminded a bit of a houseboat interiora bit of a Christian feeling comes up. All had long rocker hair.

Lil Dicky - Too High (Official Video) - YouTube

If someone would find kic, song would it be awesome! I think it is from the 's or 80s. Crazy question Has in the title: Fool s Kiss" " No could resist Pussy Austin number Nancy" " Had we never loved so blindly" " It was a video of a song.