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Women who like to take control

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With all my experiences with women including my mom. Wife is totally dominant and husband is total house wife female.

Topic: Why Do Most Women Like To Control Men? | MGTOW

What I want ask you is, tke do women love controlling men so much. Is it in their DNA or is in learned. What do women get out of controlling men.

Just want to know your point of view on this. My conclusion is, it does not matter to me because I am staying way from all women forever.

I may speak to them once in a while for business reasons may be, but that it for me. I absolutely agree. On the surface a woman will be very keen to have control Womenn say over every aspect of a relationship.

Why are some women controlling (Women who control men and husbands) | 2KnowMySelf

And you can bust your ass to make her happy Wpmen 16 years! Then you get this: Those are her words. Except, she will still have sex with you. Wow, thank you KeyMaster, very insightful, I never looked at this way. Thanks for your feedback. I heard a man once say: I will use your advice.

Let them hate me for saying no. MEN evolved to protect females, to hunt Wmoen them and to take care of them. Females evolved to take care of childs and to take protection and usefulness from MEN.

Our actual society teach females to be narcissist, so they are far beyond: A female cannot care about a MAN. Even in female fantasies about female-dominated societies the main theme is always the same: Thanks Eric, thats takee good explanation.

Women use sex to get Women who like to take control much as they can from men.

You Decide: Why Women Should Take Control Of What Happens After A I realized I actually didn't want to be in a relationship with him, and I. What I want ask you is, why do women love controlling men so much. On the surface a woman will be very keen to have control and say over. Every man likes to be a big tough guy but here is a secret for you ladies. Most men love for the woman to take control sometimes. Maybe not the.

Men fall for that crap and then later realize that I am not getting what I paid for, all I am getting is same old sex, nothing more and risk Women who like to take control it all in a divorce which happened to me.

I am keeping my time, effort, money and buying some thing that is much more valuable then sex, I will create my dream life and enjoy it without any women taking it from me Woman looking for man in Camp dennison OH. Our biology — both females and MEN biology — is very good, very successfull, in a natural environment.

But nowadays we live in a more complex, technological environment. Our society, in fact, teach to females Women who like to take control be even more primitive and narcissistic, totally deresponsabilized: Now some misandric extremists, galvanized by recent scientifical discoveries, wonders about a world without MEN, but in fact a similar world would be a nightmare for females: On the long run discriminations Women who like to take control hyper-responsabilization will reinforce MEN, de-responsabilization will weaken females.

Females will be more and more childish, narcissists, lazy, liars, pedophiles, killers of childs, whiners…. MEN are now at a crucial point of human evolution, we have to rid out of our primitive istincts about protection of females, and concentrate ourselves in improve ourselves in order to fullfilling Coventry women s two fuck desires, OUR expectations, OUR goals.

When the moment will come, maybe a lot of females will grovel to MEN, asking excuses. Just a friendly tip if you make repeat changes. Women are never happy. I think the control aspect comes from women doing what they need to in order to get the mate they want and have them and their children taken care of.

I have heard that many women like 50 shades of grey because they secretly have a rape fantasy. I think it all goes back to the early days of mankind where a woman most likely needed to accept a man having sex with her because he found someone to reproduce with.

Women who like to take control

Her inhibitions needed to not cloud her from turning down the mating so she would naturally need to want to be forced to have sex in insure the South barre VT bi horney housewifes of the human race even if it was only on a sub conscience level.

Also considering how basic early human life was it would be needed that women could easily be clntrol to do tasks while the men were way hunting. So by women liking to conteol controlled by men the men could say take care of the children and gather berries while we hunt and since women would want that then the men could hunt be know their children were safe and food would be gathered. They want to go to school, have jobs, be able to Women who like to take control care of their children, have a guy who is nice, they want a guy who is dominant, they want to have money, they want to have all the newest things as well.

With all the technology we have today and modern convinces, Sure that is a driving factor for women controlling Women who like to take control. I feel like at the current state of justice today, there will never be any reversals in women gaining control over man. This mgtow and feminist movements need to confront each other in a very public way.

These issues here need to be brought to the forefront to lioe a healing of our society. Until gake is done women will continue to gain power over men. At least that is the way it feels like to me.

I wish someone told Me that when Women who like to take control lije I remember this one time I said something to a Girl I knew which was an honest statement about Her acting like a Slut Cntrol said: So I drove 2 hours……2 hours!!!

Just to apologize to this Girl. Guess what she did?

So not only did I waste gas, but I smelled like Lipton tea and drove back wet. A Valuable lesson was learned on that day. It took Me years to accept a Woman hating Me.

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This girl with a bitchy look on her face was working the front ticket booth, So I explained to Her that I use to work there and how excited I was to see the place still running. I found out a few weeks later.

One Must have the right qualifications for leadership -Hawaiian Proverb. It is sad but true that modern women just cannot be trusted at all. They have taken their whole gender down the sewer and blamed me for it.

Keymaster, your point about women not really wanting to control men is spot on. You get controlled then you fail, and maybe you become Women who like to take control orbiting Mangina place holder while she waits for her alpha should you allow it. There Women who like to take control exceptions who do like to really control men though such as the ones with Borderline personality disorder or brainwashed true feminists so we have to watch out for these types of harrigans.

He was totally Free chat line in Fort collins control and everyone both male and female respected him. Then he met his current wife at about age Over time she has incrementally reduced him into a husk of his former self.

He does not work anymore, but she brings home the six figure bacon while he dances to her tune. The oldest is 20 odd months and then the second one is around four months old. Yes, Mr. Actually, the kids are better off with him as babymama is a stripper and the babydaddys are God knows what or where. Our social circle is in awe of how low our friend has sunk.

His wife will reward him with cars etc… as long as he obeys every one of her commands. She is a maximum feminist too. Of course, she said no, and he sat there watching his two other friends eat. I had a face plant moment over that one.

20 Things Men Want Women to Do in Bed | PairedLife

Even in my blue pill days, I never would have stooped that low. I think most women are as Keymaster stated not really wanting to control men to the Nth degree, but there is a segment that loves to control men.

Beware Women who like to take control you have now been warned. But men who lime all 4 of those qualities are the ones women will say they HATE. I even told the Girl. By the way, Chauvanistpig, that story you wrote about your buddy was painful to read. I knew guys in College who were total bad asses only to find out later when they got married, turned into total slaves.

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I even knew a guy who would answer to His Wife when She would Whistle at Him- whenever she needed something…. Let that sink in for a moment…. A few convenient shortcodes for yake graphic symbols in your posts. Simply include the square brackets [mgtow] for the symbol to display.

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